Servicios Flamingos

We are your link with audience, media, bloggers and influencers. If you want to be seen, heard and read... contact us. We offer the following services:

We analyze your project to design the best personalized communication strategy. To obtain specific goals we focus them on the Culture Industry.

According ot the defined strategy, we create press campaigns focused on every kind of media: general, specialized, online and offline.

To get a wider visibility, a good press campaign goes together with a marketing campaign. We get strategic alliances through online and offline channels.

We create short campaigns as well as long-term ones. We administrate, display dynamism, optimize and maintain online communities and blogs.

We create quality contents for every kind of media: web writing, articles and features, creative copywriting, press releases, scripts and multimedia content.

Workshops and consultancy about Communications, Marketing and Social Media adapted to the sector. We offer individual and group trainings.

Flamingo Projects

Flamingo is a global communication agency that covers the need of personalized services on Press, Marketing and Social Media for the Cultural Industries.

The key of our services is based on a cared online strategy focused on each particular area. We apply a journalistic training to create quality content, but we also take care of creativity in advertising and fine design as points of reference to create Social Media campaigns.

Our clients are part of the Creative and Cultural Industries, especially from the Film area. This makes Flamingo Comunicación a model within the sector. Our team is...


Graduated in Journalism at the Complutense University Madrid and a Master of Arts on Communications and Media Studies at the University of the Arts London, Beatriz has specialized on Digital Cinema & Online Media.

She has worked for several years as a radio, TV and print journalist for Spanish, English and Canadian media. From 2008 on she has focused her career on digital media working for agencies (The Cocktail, The Film Agency, Way To Blue) as well as a freelance developing online campaigns for brands like Vodafone, Schweppes, Mahou, Telepizza and Endesa.

She has also developed her career on cinema working for festivals (Riviera Maya Film Festival), film distributors (20th Century Fox, Karma Films) and TV channels (Turner Broadcasting).

In 2013 she launched the communication agency Flamingo Comunicación. She has also co-founded, together with my workmate Cristina, Digital Spa a project focused on the English-speaking market.

You can find me in LinkedIn.


In a village of La Mancha, the name of which there is no need to call to mind, there lived not long since a girl who was called to become a journalist. That was Cristina.

She graduated in Journalism at Antonio Nebrija University, in Madrid, and a Master on Online Marketing and Ecommerce. She has made her career on the communication, marketing and social media field switching between Spain and UK.

The last three years she worked in Agencia SIM as account executive for multinationals. Some of here clients were Atresmedia, Samsung, MTV, Skype, Allianz, Hyundai or BBVA Data & Analytics.

She has launched together with Beatriz, Digital Spa. The agency links the English-speaking market with the Spanish one.

You can find me in LinkedIn.


Graduated in Journalism and Media at the Carlos III University Madrid, Celia has always focused on cultural activities and all kind of art.

She started working producing cultural events related with music and poetry as well as helping with their communication. From that moment on, she has worked on communication agencies (Toniflix Comunicación Diversa y Art In Progress), websites (Un Buen Día en Madrid y Un Buen Día en Barcelona) and cultural projects together with institutions like Medialab Prado o CaixaForum, specializing on media and social media. Sometimes, she goes away from media to recite and film documentaries.

You can find me in LinkedIn.

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